Anticheat ChangeLog

Game Anti-Cheat Update 1.0.20

The following fixes and improvements have been made:

  • [*] Complete UI redesign for both client & server to offer a better user experience
  • [*] Improved loading/working speed across all systems both client + server side
  • [*] Improved prevention and detection in user-mode + kernel-mode of known and unknown cheats
  • [+] Started implementing behaviour analysis to prevent/detect new cheat methods
  • [+] Implemented additional protection in client to prevent new methods of cheating
  • [+] Added extra hardware ban enforcement + automatic lockout on detection
  • [+] Added support for any game running on Windows
  • [!] Fixed all known bugs and reported bugs that occurred in client/server side

Please report any bugs found on the dedicated support page.

Thank you for using our software!

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