Anticheat ChangeLog

Game Anti-Cheat Update 1.0.21

The following fixes and improvements have been made:

  • [+] Added full support for x64 based games
  • [+] Added new settings and features
  • [+] Added support for new games
  • [+] Added new web panel for administrators
  • [*] Improved loading/working speed and stability both client + server side
  • [*] Improved prevention and detection of known and unknown cheats
  • [*] Improved antivirus false positives
  • [!] Fixed startup bug on Window 7 x32 and Windows 10 x32
  • [!] Fixed bug that occurred when closing the game
  • [!] Fixed lag issues in some games caused by third party software
  • [!] Fixed behaviour analysis bug that caused a false report
  • [!] Fixed issue that prevented web page to load inside games

Note: These is just general information. Other critical fixes, improvements and new features will not be posted publicly due to obvious reasons.

Please report any bugs found on the dedicated support page.

Thank you for using our software!

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