Anticheat ChangeLog

Game Anti-Cheat Update 1.0.22

It’s been a while since we posted an update, but there is a reason why. For the past few months we encountered new challenges and identified new issues. Our team has offered individual support for each customer and updates accordingly in this time.

After monitoring certain aspects that is happening globally we decided it’s time for a change, so you can expect a “big” update very shortly that will be a real game changer.

Meanwhile this is a preliminary update to address current issues whilst we prepare everything for the update that is on the way very soon.

The following fixes and improvements have been made:

  • [+] Added new settings and features
  • [+] Added support for more games
  • [+] Added new heuristic analysis
  • [+] Added new tool for server admins
  • [*] Improved licensing locations
  • [*] Improved anti-debug and anti-virtualization
  • [*] Improved prevention and detection of known and unknown cheats
  • [*] Improved antivirus false positives
  • [*] Improved logging and database
  • [!] Fixed “bypass” issue with known software such as PCHunter, WinAST, etc.
  • [!] Fixed rare server crash bug
  • [!] Fixed annoying “TDRV-0008” game startup issue

Note: These is just general information. Other critical fixes, improvements and new features will not be posted publicly due to obvious reasons.

Please report any bugs found on the dedicated support page.

Thank you for using our software!

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