Server Guard ChangeLog

Server Guard Update

The following fixes and improvements have been made:

  • [!] Fixed an interface bug that occurred unblocking manually IP’s
  • [!] Fixed a translation bug in UI log (was not fixed 100% last update)
  • [!] Fixed a bug that occurred after downloading updates
  • [+] Added new reporting feature for malicious IP’s
  • [+] Added new feature to whitelisting which prevents server lockout
  • [+] Added minimize to tray functionality
  • [*] Improved UI state when startup (now focused)
  • [*] General improvements

To update simply click on the notification on the UI. In case of any issues download the latest installer from the client area (make sure you uninstall the current version first).

Please report any bugs found on the dedicated support page.

Thank you for using our software!

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