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Welcome! You will find here all our LiveGuard AntiCheat® Legacy products.

Legacy products are fully working and support products that are updated regularly. The only reason why we call them “legacy” and separated them is because a new product line is being developed.

LiveGuard AntiCheat® has been on the market for over 5 years now, being one of the very first creating anticheat software for MMORPG games like private MU Online.

If you are looking for a professional anticheat for your game, you can trust our worldwide recognised LiveGuard AntiCheat® software.






Why is LiveGuard AntiCheat® different ?

Our decade of experience with Microsoft Windows internals, the hundreds of cheat software we analysed and relentless strive to stop cheating drove us to create LiveGuard AntiCheat®.

And of course, we couldn’t’ play a massive multiplayer game and have fun because almost all games are full of cheaters :-(. With that in mind since early 2014 we have been working to create our anticheat.

– Lowest False Positives

Because the cheating “industry” in gaming is so massive and current anticheat vendors cannot cope with them, the “detections” they have implemented ban even legitimate players. And we are not talking about 1, 2, 3 players; no. When they issue a ban “wave”, they will ban hundreds. It doesn’t matter if only 10% are actually cheating from that “wave”, a lot of legitimate players will be banned.

This will not happen with us, as we do not rely on “detections” only. Whilst it is a feature that we use, that’s not our primary forte. With that being said our false positive rate is so low, that we are talking about a ratio of 1:1000 players (roughly).

– Lowest CPU Usage

The first thing that developers and users are worried about is compatibility and resource usage. Who wants their game to lag because of the game anticheat ? Nobody!

For this reason we have invented something called ThreadLX. What is ThreadLX ? It’s a smart threading system that works nearly real-time, and yet uses 0.5-1% CPU. Since our CPU usage is so minimal, you can hardly even notice it.

We will not disclose publicly how it works internally, but if you have any questions please contact us.

– Early prevention & detection

In order to tackle these new exploits that being used to cheat lately, we start the “defense” as early as possible. Meaning our prevention & detection is already loaded before the game starts to load.

Our anticheat will start as early as possible; the moment you pressed “start game” and before the game actually starts. The is a good “gateway” between when the user pressed “start game” and the game process actually starts, leaving enough time for the attacker to inject the process or do whatever.

This is not possible with LiveGuard AntiCheat® as prevention & detection start very early as mentioned.

– Antivirus friendly

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you are excited about a new game is that you cannot start it. Why ? Because your antivirus blocks it, or it took some files into quarantine. This is so annoying that most users will even abandon the game before they tried it.

With this in mind, we have designed our anticheat to be as safe as possible and non-intrusive. We do not need or care what websites you visit, what you downloaded, etc. (compared to other well known anticheats)

We also monitor and scan our software daily, and if there is a false positive dection it is handled within a couple of hours. As a result, a clean anticheat software offers a better user experience.

The purpose of a game anticheat is to protect the game, not to make it harder for a legitimate user to start it.

– Non-intrusive

As mentioned above, we do not need any of your personal data. Why would we ? What good would it do. There are well known anticheat software out there that do this, and it only invades the user’s privacy.

If we would gather personal data in the purpose of “catching something”, it wouldn’t make a difference because the cheaters would just come up with something else.

With that being said, we are non-intrusive. Anybody with some investigation skills can analyse our software and see for themselves.

How does LiveGuard AntiCheat® actually work ?

In simple terms and words, it protects the game process from cheaters. A combination of user-mode and kernel-mode protection system to tackle known and unknown cheat software and exploits used for cheating.

Our approach is more focused on the “method” rather than signatures, thus you will not see our anticheat close down processes that do not pose a threat.

More details (limited to public because cheaters cannot wait to grasp on it) can be found on the dedicated page for this.

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