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Game Anticheat solution for your online game that ensures everyone plays fair.

Realistically there is no “perfect” cheat protection; it’s just not possible due to how Microsoft Windows and games are designed. Our promise to you is that LiveGuard AnticCheat ® will make cheating as hard as possible. Reduce the amount of cheaters your game has, make the game fun again!

Basic Features
All the basic protection features, no sacrifices are made.
Custom Features
Custom client/server features developed based on your needs/specifications.
Limited Game servers/players
Protect up to 100 game servers and 10,000 players.
Unlimited Game servers/players
Protect as many game servers as you have with unlimited players.
LiveGuard branding
Our company brand will be present everywhere.
Custom branding
Custom branding (limited to a point)
24 Hours delivery
License and files setup 24 hours after payment received.
Delayed delivery
License and files setup only after payment is received and customisation agreed.
Limited instances
Run 1 server instance on the same machine/server.
Unlimited instances
Run as many server instances as you want on the same machine/server.
Each License type is a subscription based model. Game Anticheat monthly License subscription price after the initial Setup fee of one time payment. The initial Setup fee is non-refundable, please read the terms and conditions before buying.


We are working hard to offer you the ability to setup LiveGuard AntiCheat ® by yourself soon.
At the moment only we can install it for your game and this can take up to 24h.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Game Anticheat Features


Using our unique methods and combining user mode + kernel mode protection LiveGuard Anticheat ® will cover almost all types of process injection techniques.

To list a few:

  • Standard injection (LoadLibrary/LdrLoad/etc)
  • APC Injection
  • Manual mapping
  • Thread Hijack

In addition to the above some tools offer “scrambling”, “stealth injection”, “erase headers” and other “options”; these are all detected.


When it comes to running a third party plugin inside your game it can cause some serious issues (like lag/freeze) for users with weaker systems.

After years of developing and testing we came up with a solution called ThreadLX (patent pending), that will calculate the CPU cycles and adapt to the current load of the system.

In other words, it’s a real-time threading system that consumes 0.05% CPU on average, on every system. This ensures we can run our checks, do our “thing”, without causing disruption.

ThreadLX is also protected from debugging/suspending/resuming from both user mode and kernel mode.


Cheaters love to abuse the Windows API. By abusing the Windows API of the current process (and sometimes the whole system), they can intercept and even disable the whole protection.

Our Game Anticheat currently has a lot of advanced checks on a very large list of Windows API functions, and we can detect almost all types of abusing (IAT, EAT, etc).

We are constantly working on improving this feature.

File Protection

The Game Anticheat uses a strong hashing system combined with MD5 and SHA256 based validation, which prevents the end user from modifying important game files.

One of the most common methods used by cheaters is to replace a game .dll for example.

Automatic Lockout

Whilst a blacklist system is essential to have, it can become tedious to ban users multiple times a day for various reasons.

LiveGuard Anticheat ® will automatically lock-out a player for a set amount of time (that you set) and automatically un-lock him as well if specific events occur like: debug attempts, cheating attempts, alteration attempts and more.


Once a game becomes popular it becomes more prone to DDoS attacks. Attackers usually send bogus/random traffic to listening ports to ruin the game stability.

Most applications that get “hit” with such traffic coming from hundreds of IP’s will hang (even crash), this is called Application Layer DDoS Attack. Server administrators cannot do anything about it unless they have some sophisticated filtering.

To help with this situation (it’s not a matter of “if” in this industry, it’s a matter of “when”), we integrated special checks in our LiveGuard Anticheat ® protocol. For example the server administrator can limit from within the application the number of connection/requests allowed per IP.

However please note that our efforts to help with DDoS mitigation will not stop someone from attacking or finding new methods. DDoS is a very delicate subject, and goes far beyond a simple software mitigation. There is no guarantee that our software will not crash if being hit with a “new” method or complex packets, but we do guarantee that we shall do our best in stopping it.

We strongly recommend you to use a hosting service that offers unlimited DDoS protection and mitigation.

Process Detection

Some processes are just designed in such way to circumvent every layer of protection, or has a direct communication with a kernel driver which can control the whole system.

Whilst many would call this feature “unconventional”, “useless”, “old”, etc; we have a massive list of cheat programs and abusive tools that LiveGuard Anticheat ® will detect (PCHunter, ProcessHacker, ProcessMonitor, ProcessEplorer, etc).


Macro software(s) are a big problem for some games, and incredible hard to combat completely.

Today most hardware component providers (mouse/keyboard) offer their own software and drivers with Macro support.

Our system has an advanced layer of protection that will monitor keystrokes and detect any abuse.

As an optional feature we also have a massive list of Macro programs detection.

Heuristic Protection

Cheaters managed to “bypass” the protection, they loaded a .dll into the process or they just obtained a handle. It happens one way or another, depending how skilled the cheater is.

But not to worry, our behaviour analysis system will inform you of this.

That’s all we can say here 🙂

Advanced Proxy

Prevent players from entering the game without running the Game Anticheat. The whole traffic is encrypted both way for everyone.

This prevents packet editing and spoofing and much more.

Hardened Ban System

When you ban a player/cheater using their hardware id, they will spoof it. There are so many tools available online for this.

They simply spoof their HDD/CPU/MB signature and everything else to gain access to the game again. We analysed this behaviour a lot and created a unique approach with multiple layers of hardware id.

Spoofing hardware based bans issued by LiveGuard Anticheat ® is very hard and they will give up.

“Meme” Drivers

The latest “trend” in the cheating community is to abuse vulnerable kernel drivers and load unsigned drivers into the system.

With this they can disable the protection or just simply write to the process from the kernel without issues.

Our list contains a wide number of these kind of drivers and LiveGuard AntiCheat ® will detect them.

There are plenty more protection features, but we cannot list them all and in more detail for security reasons (giving away too much will aid cheaters).

However any questions you might have feel free to ask our support team.



  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 (server versions only)


  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Game Compatibility

  • Any MMORPG using TCP Protocol running on Microsoft Windows

We are working to increase compatibility for other games, so check back soon.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Game Anticheat work on any Windows ?

We are happy to say YES!

The way we designed our Game Anticheat allows usage from Windows Vista up to the latest Windows 10. This includes any editions both x86 and x64 platforms.

Working under Windows:

  • 10 ( Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Pro Education, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC (formerly LTSB), Education – All builds )
  • 8.1 ( Pro, Enterprise, OEM, with Bing – All builds )
  • 8 ( Pro, Enterprise, OEM – All builds )
  • 7 ( Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate – All builds )
  • Vista ( Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate – All builds )

Not working under:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server Editions

Is the Game Anticheat antivirus friendly ?

We are happy to say YES!

Our team is working hard to make this possible, because most antivirus engines will simply “detect” a signature (containing a function, string, etc).

LiveGuard AntiCheat ® is antivirus friendly in general with the most popular ones included.

Why do I have to pay a monthly renewal fee ?

To use our software you must pay a monthly subscription. This ensures that we can continue to develop, offer you support and improve the software. Everything we input into this product costs and does not come for free ( developers, software licenses, certificates, etc ), and all this needs to be renewed periodically in other to stay up to date with the operating system and security.

We try our best to offer a fair and simple pricing that is affordable by any individual in any corner around the world.

Please note:

The initial fee that you will pay ( also called “Setup Fee” ) does not mean you can stop paying your monthly commitment. For example you cannot pay this initial fee and then stop paying your monthly subscription, and start paying only when there is an update because your license will be suspended or terminated immediately as per our terms.

You have the option to pay for your monthly subscription in advance of up to 3 years.

Can I just pay a fixed price one time ?

Unfortunately you cannot. In order for us to be able to provide you updates and support we must charge for it.

There is no such software that you “pay once”, every company is charging for support and periodical updates.

I want a custom feature, designed just for me. How ?

If you would like us to design a custom feature for yourself, please open a support ticket.

I wand to buy the source code of this software, are you selling it ?

Unfortunately we do not sell any of our source codes, for any product we develop.

If you need something developed from scratch, a bespoke application or feature then please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.