Game Anticheat

The most complete game anticheat

Game Anticheat for everyone. We do not judge whether you have a private or official game server; everyone should be protected from cheaters.

You will reduce the amount of cheaters in your game and make the game fun again!

✔ Cheat prevention & detection

✔ Compatible with almost any game

✔ Low system resource usage

✔ Low false positive detections

✔ Client & Server side protection

✔ Antivirus friendly

✔ No privacy intrusion

✔ Constantly updated

✔ Windows VISTA/7/8/10 compatible

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Game Anticheat Features

There are many protection features, but we cannot list them all and in more detail for security reasons (giving away too much will aid cheaters).

Any questions you might have feel free to ask our support team.


  • Prevents players from entering the game without game client anticheat fully loaded
  • File integrity (sha256 checksum) list management
  • Configurable automatic temporary ban & release on cheat/hacking detection
  • Player blacklist system based on IP Address/Hardware ID
  • Integrated anti-ddos (limit connections per IP Address)
  • Advanced database and file logging of detections
  • Custom signatures list system (you can blacklist your own choice of software/drivers)
  • Protect up to 100 game servers per instance
  • View players connected (you can also kick them, message them, ban them)
  • View real-time logs of attempts, detections


  • Kernel and user-mode combined protection
  • Prevention and detection of process injection (standard, APC, manual map, thread hijack, etc)
  • Prevents process memory writing/reading
  • Prevents usage of virtual machines (VirtualBox, Sanboxie, VMware, etc)
  • Detection of API hooks (IAT, EAT, etc)
  • Detection of dangerous software (PCHunter, ProcessMonitor, ProcessExplorer, etc)
  • Heuristic analysis (will detect known and custom cheats, drivers, macros, etc)
  • Heuristic reporting of bypass attempts (will inform server of any anomalies in process)


  • Fully responsive web panel that you can use to view logs
  • You can add as many users as you want, and lookup any player with 1 click

Once again we would like to remind you that we cannot list all the features due to security reasons. We firmly believe the above should give you a good understanding about our software.

Game Anticheat Advantages

Protecting your game from cheaters and hackers has many advantages and very few disadvantages. If you are undecided whether our game anticheat is something you need, let us give you a few good reasons why protecting your game is a must:

  • Protects your game against newbie and experienced cheaters
  • Protects your game server reputation and income
  • Offers every player the same game experience and advantage as everyone else
  • Operates in a fast and safe matter, does not cause damage or privacy intrusion
  • Does not cause any game lag or disruptions (some games can be opened even 10 times simultaneously)
  • Decent and clear pricing without hidden fees or hidden limits

There are just a few reasons that you need to consider why it is important to prevent game cheating. We hope that with this information you can make the right decision for your game server(s).


Our team has input considerable effort to have as less (even none) dependencies possible. The are no special requirements other than the below:


  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 (server versions only)


  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (no server versions supported)


  • PHP 7+ with MSSQL support (pdo_dblib or pdo_sqlsrv)

Neither the server or client part requires any VC++ redistributables or other dependencies. However to ensure that both sides run smoothly we advise you to always update your operating system to the latest version.

License Comparison

Server Protection
Client Protection
Web Panel
Custom Splash*
Custom features/changes
All protection features
Additional tools
Regular updates
Game Change$100$0
License Change$100$0
SupportNot Included**Priority***
Order NowContact Us

*For personal licenses, a custom splash can be provided for a one time fee. Please contact support to enquire this.

**There are 2 Support tiers available to choose at checkout.

***Business support response time is every day (Monday-Saturday) between 6 AM and 10 PM GMT, including any holidays. Support will respond between 1 and 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LiveGuard AntiCheat ® block Macros?

Yes, our system has the ability to detect macro software and automatic keypress bots. It is up to the game Administrator to decide whether he wants to allow or disallow this feature.

Does the Game Anticheat work with any game?

Yes, as long as the client is designed for Microsoft Windows. We currently do not support Linux based game clients (this is something we have planned).

Does the Game Anticheat work on any Windows?

The way we designed our Game Anticheat allows usage from Windows Vista up to the latest Windows 10. This includes any editions both x86 and x64 platforms.

Is the Game Anticheat antivirus friendly?

Our software is whitelisted by major antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, AVAST/AVG, etc. LiveGuard AntiCheat ® is antivirus friendly in general with the most popular ones, however as new antivirus software seem to appear almost every month we cannot guarantee 100% that it will play nice.

Are my game files compatible?

We cannot answer this accurately without knowing more information, however our team will analyse and make necessary amends (if any) to ensure compatibility.

Can I protect multiple games using the same license?

Unfortunately no, each game will require 1 license regardless that they are hosted on the same machine (server). You can have multiple licenses on the same machine for multiple games.

Any other questions?

Drop us a message and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Please try not to repeat any questions that might already be answered in the FAQ above.

You can also email us on anytime.

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