Game Launcher

50$ Setup Fee + 10$ Monthly License

199$ Setup Fee + 50$ Monthly License

Game Launcher solution  for your online game that assures players will always be kept updated with latest version of game files.

Stop cheating before even the game starts!

Basic design
Choice of any default skin provided for free, without the option to change anything.
Custom design
Custom client side skin developed based on your needs/specifications.
Basic Multi-Language
Currently available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.
Custom language set
We will translate the software in your desired language set, limited to a number.
LiveGuard branding
Our company brand will be present (besides skin, copyright).
Custom branding
Custom branding (limited to a point)
Instant access
License and files available instantly after payment received.
Delayed access
License and files available only after payment is received and customisation agreed.
Unlimited instances
Run as many server instances as you want on the same machine/server.
Unlimited instances
Run as many server instances as you want on the same machine/server.
Each License type is a subscription based model. Game Launcher monthly License subscription price after the initial Setup fee of one time payment. The initial Setup fee is non-refundable, please read the terms and conditions before buying.

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Game Launcher Features

Simple Updates

Patch and version based updates are old news, it will make your work very difficult to maintain especially if you make a lot of updates to your game frequently.

Our Game Launcher system has a straight forward and simple update system, without the need of patches or version lists; you just drag/drop files into a folder.

Super-fast Downloads

Realistically no player likes to wait a long time for the game to update. Traditional FTP servers, or direct downloads from the game host can become overloaded and very slow.

Our Multiplayer Game Launcher system supports HTTP downloads which means you could use for example a CDN and deliver super fast downloads around the world.


You may want to stop a specific player from playing your game, for various reasons like cheating in game for example. We got you covered with our strong blacklist system.

The blacklist system we created allows you to ban/block a player from even starting the game based on his IP address or HWID (Hardware ID) with ease.

File Protection

Players do often replace/alter game files for various reasons, it can be a simple mistake or it can be a cheating attempt.

The Multiplayer Game Launcher uses a strong hashing system combined with MD5 and SHA256 based validation, which prevents the end user from modifying important game files that you set to update and always re-downloads the originals if they have been altered.

Automatic Lockout

Whilst a blacklist system is essential to have, it can become tedious to ban users multiple times a day for various reasons.

The system we created will automatically lock-out (ban) a player for a set amount of time (that you set) and automatically un-lock him as well, if specific events occur like: debug attempts, cheating attempts, alteration attempts and more.

Easy Setup

The way we designed our Multiplayer Game Launcher system was with simplicity in mind; setup takes 5 minutes.

Installation and configuration is straight forward and it like on average from 5 to 10 minutes for any game with the default skin provided. Support however is available if you encounter issues, or you cannot manage to install the software.


Once a game becomes popular it becomes more prone to DDoS attacks. Attackers usually send bogus/random traffic to listening ports to ruin the game stability.

Most applications that get “hit” with such traffic coming from hundreds of IP’s will hang (even crash), this is called Application Layer DDoS Attack. Server administrators cannot do anything about it unless they have some sophisticated filtering.

To help with this situation (it’s not a matter of “if” in this industry, it’s a matter of “when”), we integrated special checks in our Multiplayer Game Launcher protocol. For example the server administrator can limit from within the application the number of connection/requests allowed per IP.

However please note that our efforts to help with DDoS mitigation will not stop someone from attacking or finding new methods. DDoS is a very delicate subject, and goes far beyond a simple software mitigation. There is no guarantee that our software will not crash if being hit with a “new” method or complex packets, but we do guarantee that we shall do our best in stopping it.

We strongly recommend you to use a hosting service that offers unlimited DDoS protection and mitigation.


How does game cheating start ? Usually when a new online game appears as soon as it becomes popular cheaters are on the move. The first steps that cheaters do is not “bypass” the anti-cheating system, it’s to analyze the game by debugging it while it’s starting up or during in game play.

In order to help with this situation, we have integrated very deep and strong analysis/debugging prevention and detection in our Multiplayer Game Launcher. Debugger and analysis tools are not part of the average user’s PC that play games, and will only be found on PC’s that the user is either a reverse engineer or a cheater.

Such tools are detected instantly upon starting the game and during the game as well. The result is automatic lock-out of the game for a period determined by the administrator.

Whilst we make efforts to try and prevent someone from debugging your game, this cannot be 100% prevented from everyone. There are very skilled reverse engineers out there with custom developed debugger tools that cannot be even detected. Please keep in mind that this is an additional feature, and there is no guarantee that we can prevent debugging 100%.

Our recommendation for you is to try and use some virtualization software to protect important parts of your game engine, making it almost impossible for reverse engineers to see what is happening in your software.

If you are concerned about the traditional “false positives” that usually happen with detection, rest assured that our system is far more advanced that anything you seen and “false positives” are a thing of the past. The system is not “signature” based and instead it is heuristic; it will only detect 100% debugger tools and debugging attempts.

Realtime Notifications

When we talk about “force closing” of the game, what we actually mean is that:

  • The player will be reminded multiple times to finish his current match/game and restart for updates.
  • If the player does not restart after many reminders the game will be closed forcefully to receive the new updates.

This method covers both good and bad situations; for example you fixed a critical bug in the game and you need to update everyone a.s.a.p, or for example you introduced a new cool feature and you want everyone to benefit from it at the same time.

As previously mentioned our main focus was to make game updates as easy as possible, thus another feature added as real time update notifications. The idea is to be able to notify the player that there is a new update available, but also force him after a while to update the game.

The way this feature works is, during the game play if the administrator adds new updates files in the server application he has the option to send a notification to everyone having the game launcher opened.

All players having the game launcher opened will be notified, and reminded every few minutes that there is a new update available.

Dynamic Settings

We wanted to make life as easy as possible for developers and server administrators as well offer flexibility. One of our strongest features of our product is Dynamic Game Settings. The main purpose is to offer settings offered to the end user with flexibility, a developer or server administrator can change on-the-fly what settings the end user can see and use.

Sometime a specific new feature or setting added in the game can cause havoc, and once you delivered your update that’s it. In this case, having this ability to simply disable a setting being used saves you a lot of headache with new users.

Please note that these type of settings are only applicable for games that require to read configuration upon startup, and not during the game. This is very important to keep in mind and not to be confused with in game settings.

Currently this feature is limited to screen resolution and display mode settings, however we are adding more as needed or requested. If you require something more complex, or any other feature please feel free to get in touch with our support team to discuss.

Feedback and suggestions are also very much appreciated so feel free to tell us your thoughts.



  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 (server versions only)


  • .NET 4.0 (Most operating systems have this installed, like Windows 10; alternatively you could package this into your installer – please contact us for this)

Game Compatibility

We are please to say that our Game Launcher is compatible with any game!

Currently we support only Microsoft Windows operating systems, but are we in the process of launching support for Linux-like operating systems as well.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does this launcher work for any games ?

We are thrilled to say YES! Our Game Launcher is designed to work with any game out there. New or old, complex or not – as long as it runs on Windows operating system we got you covered.

You can use our Game Launcher for any game you would like.

Please note: Some games have custom “settings” to allow the player resolution selection and such, to add custom options please open a support ticket.

Does this launcher work on any Windows ?

We are happy to say YES!

The way we designed our Game Launcher allows usage from Windows Vista up to the latest Windows 10. This includes any editions both x86 and x64 platforms.

Working under Windows:

  • 10 ( Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Pro Education, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC (formerly LTSB), Education – All builds )
  • 8.1 ( Pro, Enterprise, OEM, with Bing – All builds )
  • 8 ( Pro, Enterprise, OEM – All builds )
  • 7 ( Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate – All builds )
  • Vista ( Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate – All builds )

Not working under:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server Editions

Why do I have to pay a monthly renewal fee ?

To use our software you must pay a monthly subscription. This ensures that we can continue to develop, offer you support and improve the software. Everything we input into this product costs and does not come for free ( developers, software licenses, certificates, etc ), and all this needs to be renewed periodically in other to stay up to date with the operating system and security.

We try our best to offer a fair and simple pricing that is affordable by any individual in any corner around the world.

Please note:

The initial fee that you will pay ( also called “Setup Fee” ) does not mean you can stop paying your monthly commitment. For example you cannot pay this initial fee and then stop paying your monthly subscription, and start paying only when there is an update because your license will be suspended or terminated immediately as per our terms.

You have the option to pay for your monthly subscription in advance of up to 3 years.

Can I just pay a fixed price one time ?

Unfortunately you cannot. In order for us to be able to provide you updates and support we must charge for it.

There is no such software that you “pay once”, every company is charging for support and periodical updates.

I want a custom skin, designed just for me. How ?

If you would like us to design a custom skin for yourself, please open a support ticket. Custom skin designs start from a flat fee of $50 ( payable once ), and can go up to $200 depending on how complex you want your skin to be and how much work we must input.

Please note: Depending on how many orders we have for custom skins, your order will be placed into a queue. Our support representatives will inform you about the position you are in the queue and an estimated delivery time.

I wand to buy the source code of this software, are you selling it ?

Unfortunately we do not sell any of our source codes, for any product we develop. If you need something developed from scratch, a bespoke application then please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.