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MU Online anticheat is highly searched by official and non-official server owners. MU Online is an Isometric medieval fantasy MMORPG, produced by Webzen, a Korean gaming company. The game has a massive presence across MMORPG’s across the globe with thousands of players enjoying the game.

As with any multiplayer game out there in the wild, cheaters and hackers are always present. If you are a server owner, manager, administrator or developer there is no time to manually tackle cheaters and hackers. Realistically even if you had time, you would not catch them.

This is where LiveGuard AntiCheat® comes into the picture. Our software handles cheaters and hackers automatically so you can focus on your game development instead.

Why choose our MU Online anticheat?

  • Works with any sort of files (official, non-official, emulators)
  • Installation without service disruption (no game server shutdown or restart)
  • Has the lowest resource consumption rate (behaves nicely even on low end / old PC’s)
  • Has the best defense success rate across all other MU Online anticheat software
  • No dependencies needed (no vc++, .net, etc)
  • No game altering needed (no file hooks, no server side alterations)
  • Extensively used and tested by thousands of players

Are there any guarantees?

Realistically it’s impossible to guarantee that nobody will bypass the anticheat. It’s just not possible due to how Windows is designed.

With that being said, we cannot guarantee that nobody will ever cheat in your game; but we can promise you it will be hard to do so.

In other words, day to day cheaters that buy game cheats or simply download from forums won’t be able to cheat.

Popular game cheating software like CheatEngine, PCHunter, etc; cannot be used.

I have a few questions:
Can the anticheat block speed hack?

Yes. Our anticheat software blocks most common software and methods used to alter game speed and achieve “speed hack”.

Can the anticheat block macros?

Yes. There are multiple settings and options for this purpose. The main anti-macro engine will detect high speed key pressing. The other engines can detect common macro software.

Can the anticheat detect private cheats?

Yes and No. If the private cheat uses methods we are aware of, it won’t work and it is already blocked. However if the private cheat uses custom exploits and/or custom kernel drivers it cannot.

Can the anticheat stop DDoS?

Whilst this defeats the purpose of the anticheat, the answer is Yes. Ports listened by our anticheat software are protected from application layer DDoS.

Does the anticheat invade privacy?

No. Our anticheat will never invade user’s privacy for no reason. We will never take screenshots, stream remote dekstop’s, capture personal data, and other bananas that other anticheat software do.

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