Submit False Positives

Dear Gamers!

LiveGuard AntiCheat® does not base it’s protection on software signatures; however in the unlikely even that some third party software that is legitimate causes a detection you can report this.

You can also report software that is “supposed to work” but it does not, for example game overlays.

Whilst our team will assess the situation and software you are having trouble with, we recommend that you simply close it in order to play the game without issues.

How does this work ?

  • You submit the software/software website (with video if possible or screenshots)
  • Our team will analyse the software and check for validity (make sure it’s a false positive)
  • After our team reached a conclusion a fix/update will be issued to address this (if possible)

Please note: Some third party software is poorly developed and will try to use specific means to alter the game process. Such software cannot be allowed since it’s behaviour is exactly like a game cheat. Our team will however consider it and decide if something needs and can be done.

How to submit ?

  • Fill in the form below and submit

Please note: If in some rare case you cannot submit the form, please send an email to: with the subject: “New False Positive Submission”. Also ensure that this email address is whitelisted in case we need to contact you back.

    If you submit a false positive via the above form, we need to process your data in order to respond. However, your data will only be processed for this purpose, and will not be used for anything else. In other words, we will never share or sell your name/email and anything else you might add into the description (please don't share personal data like passwords and such).

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