Submit Game Cheats

Dear Gamers! What if we told you that you can help reduce the amount of cheaters in the game you are playing, but also earn some money ? On this page you can submit game cheating software and get a reward too.

LiveGuard AntiCheat® does not base it’s protection on signatures; we are more interested in the methods used to cheat. After our analysis we may block the method and create a signature detection too, completely at our own discretion.

Several developers are creating and selling “private” cheat software, making money by abusing the game. If you have your hands on such game cheat software you can submit it to us and get a reward.

Please note: We will never share your information with anyone. This means if you have a game cheat software from a “friend” and you submit it here, nobody will know it was you.

How does this work ?

  • You submit the game cheat/trainer/injector (with video if possible or screenshots)
  • Our team will analyse the software and check for validity (make sure it’s a game cheat software)
  • If our team finds the cheat as a threat and we must take action, you will be contacted for your reward.

What will you get as a reward ?

If your submission is successful you will receive a cash reward between $10 and 100$ per submission depending on the level of threat we assess. This will be sent to your desired location (PayPal or Ban Transfer) within 7 days after we contact you as “thank you” token.

Please note: If your submission is not considered as a threat to LiveGuard AntiCheat®, our team will not contact you and there will be no reward.

How to submit a game cheat ?

  • Create a .zip archive with the content of the cheat (.exe, .dlls, etc) and password protect it with the password: “cheat”
  • Name the .zip archive with: “cheat-GAME_NAME” where “GAME_NAME” is the game name. We need this so we can categorise it accordingly. Examples of .zip names: “trainer-GAME_NAME.zip”, “cheat-GAME_NAME.zip”, “debugger-software.zip”, “inject-software.zip”, etc.
  • Fill in the form below and upload the .zip archive

Please note: If in some rare case you cannot submit the form, please send it via email to: [email protected] with the subject: “New Game Cheat Submission”. Also ensure that this email address is whitelisted in case we need to contact you back for your cash reward.

    If you submit a game cheat via the above form, we need to process your data in order to respond. However, your data will only be processed for this purpose, and will not be used for anything else. In other words, we will never share or sell your name/email and anything else you might add into the description (please don't share personal data like passwords and such).